A typical day with chrononutrition®

The breakfast

It must be copious and rich in fatty acids and slow carbohydrates. It will therefore be made from bread, butter and various cheeses. Bread provides fibre; the use of wholemeal bread will provide as much fibre as possible

Lunchtime meal

It consists of animal or vegetable proteins, associated with carbohydrates: it must be rich in meat accompanied by starchy foods (pasta, rice, …) in small quantities, as well as vegetables


It includes two contributions: one in essential fatty acids from plants (fruits and seeds rich in lipids – nuts, hazelnuts…, or for example 30g of dark chocolate), the other an energy contribution (fruits and sweet derivatives)

The dinner

It is light and contains few calories: fish or shellfish, lean meats (pork, poultry, rabbit) and raw or cooked green vegetables seasoned with an oil rich in omega-3 precursors (organic rapeseed oil, for example)

Not to mention two joker meals a week, where anything is allowed…