9994444Chrononutrition® is not a diet, but a way of rebalancing food, allowing one to reach a well balanced body shape.
All foods are allowed, provided they are eaten in the right quantity at the right time!
Good food and right quantities of essential elements necessary for our body would reduce the occurrence of many diseases.
 Approved by IREN (European Institute for Research on Nutrition), chrononutrition® is not only a means to control one’s shape and weight, but is also a way to control the cholesterol’s metabolism and non-insulin-dependent diabetes.

Based on nutrition, chrononutrition® is a method developed by Dr. Delabos with Professor Jean-Robert Rapin. It allows any person (man, woman, child or senior) to reach a well balanced body shape, by loosing or gaining weight or simply redistribute weight from one body area to another, only by eating food at the right body’s biological time. Chrononutrition® is not a diet (with the often seen “yo-yo” dieting), is not restrictive nor does involve deprivation: one can eat almost all food – you can continue to eat chips, chocolate, cheese, butter, provided you respect schedules and quantities!

The following will serve as the basis of your first consultation:

  • Body measurements (height, diameter of the wrist to determine the volume of the skeleton, chest, waist, hip);
  • A questionnaire on medical conditions you may have (diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid problems …);
  • A questionnaire about your eating habits: snacking between meals, tended sugar, fast food, vegetarian … ;
  • A questionnaire about your lifestyle: business activity, sedentary, professional or retired active, inactive, convalescent …

The program is suitable to every type of person, including athletes and children, and to people with cholesterol, diabetes, …

Biological rhythms: the chronobiology®

Most living organisms, including human beings, are subject to daily and seasonal variations. Biological rhythms are a feature of life.
While this is true for the body as a whole, it is also true at the cell level: each cell’s function is carried during a specific time slot (only one function can be carried at a time). Chrononutrition® is based on chronobiology® to define at what biological time a given food can be eaten.